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How to Get a Credit Card?

How to Get a Credit CardMany people believe credit cards make people lose more than save. But several million people in the United States do not overpay on credit cards, and sometimes even make money on the banking options. For such people, credit cards have become one of the most effective ways to save money in business and everyday expenses, a way to survive in any unforeseen situation.

We analyzed the credit card market and selected the best cards for people with very good or perfect credit history. If you already have or will have such cards, then you are on the right financial solution.

Citi Simplicity

Having issued such a card, you get rid of credit interest and transfer fees for the first 18 months. Using this credit, it is very good to pay off debts on other credit cards card which have sky-scraper interest when buying goods and services.

Simplicity is one of the few cards that has no annual fee, no late fee, or even a penalty rate. Besides, to get such a credit card, it is not required to have perfect credit score.

Discover It by Discover is very similar to Simplicity

Its owners can forget about interest and duties for the first 14 – 18 months. Moreover, the company provides the most reliable client with the “noforeigntransactionfee” option, which means that you can pay by card while traveling around the world and not overpay.

The biggest benefit of the card is a 5% return on purchases of gasoline for several months a year (usually from July to September). During this time, you can earn up to $ 1,500 in cash from buying fuel.

Chase Freedom is a credit card adored by shoppers

During certain periods, you can get back 5% of the money spent in restaurants, Kohl’s supermarkets or in the Amazon online store. Moreover, the bank returns $ 100 to every cardholder who spends $ 500 within the first three months.

The next incredibly profitable card is CashRewards from BankofAmerica. Usually, at the beginning of using this credit card, the bank gives a very good credit limit. For example, people with 3 to 4 years of credit often receive a $ 25,000 – $ 30,000 card from BankofAmerica. A one percent refund goes on everything you buy. 2% is returned from purchases in groseries, and 3% at gas stations. Points earned never disappear.

Chase Sapphire Preferred is the perfect card for travelers. Booking air tickets, hotels, visiting restaurants, excursions – all this turns into a cash refund.

All of the above cards do not have an annual service fee, however ChaseSapphirePreferred starts charging for the second year of using the card. It’s almost $ 95.

In other words, financially savvy consumers with such cards don’t spend money on flights at all. They get tickets free of charge as a reward for active cards’ use.

How to get such credit cards?

Having read this article, it is possible that many readers will fill out e-application for getting the “best credit cards”. Some will get a positive response within seconds of submitting an online application. If the following note will be shown to your application: “We cannot answer your request right now. Within two weeks you will receive a letter with an official response ” that means you will be refused with a 99% probability.

If you were not given any of the best credit cards, then your credit history is not good enough to get it.

You need to pay off all existing debts or reduce the total amount of bank debt to 5% – 7%. Pay off all fines and debts to state departments (especially to the IRS). Do not issue new cards or close old ones for 5-6 months.

Moreover, you should always monitor your credit history. If it is less than 720 points, then do not even try to apply for lucrative bank offers. You haven’t received enough points to get such a credit card.

Also, you should always remember that the best credit cards do not bring large profits to banks, and sometimes even turn into losses. These credit cards are a kind of advertising for banks that want financially successful people to always pay with their credit cards.

If you manage to avoid mistakes, you will have the best credit cards, totaling $ 200,000 – $ 300,000.

People with bad credit history, who sometimes spoiled their rating due to several hundred dollars (missed payment, attempted fraud, forgetfulness, negligence, greed, and other reasons), very rarely are eligible for credit cards from the most prestigious banks in America.