New England Assistive Technology (NEAT) Center

Equipment, Training and Services

Michael and his older brother at NEAT

Assistive Technology, Under One Roof

Oak Hill's NEAT Center provides all things related to the vast array of disability equipment, from simple devices to advanced learning tools - in one central location. We can assist you with finding the right technology, train you on proper use and help you integrate it into an education program. In addition we offer workshops and classes (many CEU-qualified) for people with disabilities, as well as the teachers, nurses and professionals who work with them.

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We serve all ages and all disabilities. And NEAT services can be provided at Oak Hill's main campus or on-site.

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NEAT Center Offerings

Disability Products
The NEAT Center is housed in an accessible 12,500 square foot space with classrooms, computer labs, demo rooms and conference space. We stock thousands of high-quality disability products, for both sale and rent. (Donations are welcome too!) We also have hundreds of demonstration products, including software.

Courses and Training
NEAT offers a full range of education for the disability community, from simple workshops designed for people with disabilities and their caregivers, to extensive, CEU-eligible classes for disabilility professionals.

AT Evaluations
Our experienced staff of assistive technology specialists can work with individuals, families, educators and disability advocates to equip a person with the right assistive technology. We will conduct evaluations on-site or at our center.

Visit the NEAT Web Site Or Call toll free (866) 526-4492; in Connecticut (860) 243-2869; (860) 286-3113,TTY 


Zahne Douglas and her family

What People are Saying

"It was a blessing to be able to bring Zahne to this place. I really believe she will benefit.  I am working with the staff here at NEAT to put together a list of instructions for how I can reinforce at home what she is learning at Oak Hill."

- Louise Douglas, Grandmother


Her Story
Eleven-year-old Zahne struggled with the side effects of an ADHD medication. Seeing her plagued with headaches, sleeplessness and lack of appetite, her grandmother sought an alternative treatment. A difficult to obtain biofeedback program, available at the NEAT Center, enabled the child to begin treatment immediately, and receive professional assistance on its use.