Oak Hill School

Full-time Education Programs for Children with Disabilities

Oak Hill School is a private special education program licensed by the Connecticut Department of Education. It serves students with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities in pre-k through high school, and offers curriculum to students up to 21.

The school's ten classrooms are located in five public school districts in central Connecticut (Bristol, Plainville, New Britain, New Hartford, and Southington). By embedding our school in these districts, we create opportunities for friendship, and peer interaction in the students' own neighborhoods.


Program Features
  • State approved and licensed programs
  • 250 days/per year
  • Instruction in functional academics, integrated therapies, communication, and activities of daily living 
  • Programs designed and monitored by trans-disciplinary teams with parents closely consulted
  • Certified and licensed professionals including teachers, nurses, speech-language pathologists, occupational and physical therapists, and behavior specialists
  • Emphasis on community integration experiences
  • Integration with non-disabled students
  • Low student-teacher ratio
  • Day and residential options
  • Multiple locations
  • Experience-based vocational preparation
  • Adapted physical education programs
  • Instruction enhanced with computers, assistive technology, and adaptive equipment
  • Art therapy
  • Title IX /504 compliant
  • Music Therapy

Schedule a Visit or Apply Now

Important: Admission to the Oak Hill School is based on a recommendation from your child’s school district. Contact your superintendent or your district's Planning and Placement Team (PPT) to confirm availability in your area. For more information on Oak Hill School, please contact Ana Wittig, Vice President of Education at (860) 769-3891; FAX (860) 769-6559; or via email at ana.wittig@oakhillct.org


2012 Oak Hill School Students of the Year

Rory Eifes
Elementary School Student of the Year

Eliza Pechar
High School Student of the Year 

Oak Hill’s Elementary School Student of the Year for 2012 is Rory Eifes. Rory’s teacher, Barbara Rankin shared these words about Rory, “Rory is a 5th grader who has made great strides during the three years he has been in Oak Hill School’s Antolini classroom.  Although Rory has vision impairments, he has learned to recognize two dimensional visual symbols and is able to read his daily schedule in picture text, and use picture text clues to present information about topics he studies in class.  Rory is currently taking a 5th grade social studies class with modified content and supports, and is doing an amazing job mastering the content.  In addition, he has made great progress in functional skills such as walking in his walker. 
He is a major Bob Marley fan and livens up our music group with his singing. Rory is a joy to have in class.  He has a terrific sense of humor and keeps everyone laughing, as evidence by the huge smile!

Compassionate, caring, self-advocate, brave, confident, talented, and inspirational. These are a few words used to describe Eliza Pechar, Oak Hill's High School Student of the Year. She attends art therapy groups through her classroom and additionally volunteers as the Art Studio Assistant. The latter position is one which she advocated for by proposing the idea to Roxanne Crane, Art Therapist, as well as her classroom teacher, Melanie Turek. During her time as an artist and art studio assistant in the art therapy program, Eliza has shown tremendous growth in her interpersonal and creative skills. Eliza has also shown tremendous growth in the classroom, particularly increasing her independence and skills in vocational work and money. Eliza has many gifts.  She loves sports and is also very talented musically. She has accompanied Nancy Davis, music therapist, as a drumming soloist for our graduations. She improvises rhythms and beats appropriate to the music and style. She has shared her skills and talents with other students, including teaching drumming to them.  


2012 Oak Hill School Parents / Guardians of the Year

Meg Pechar and Mary Tinetti are Eliza Pechar’s parents and guardian.  They adopted Eliza as an infant in the Dominican Republic and have been strong advocates for her since. Meg and Mary have worked with multiple supports, including Oak Hill, New Haven Public Schools, Ability Beyond Disability, DDS, and others to help Eliza become more independent.  They support Eliza in expanding her talents, including providing private drumming lessons, which have enabled Eliza to develop as a musician; and have encouraged her development as an artist and an independent young woman. 

They have explored and supported multiple programs at Oak Hill, including Oak Hill School, Oak Hill’s Center for Relationships & Sexuality, parent workshops, and the art therapy studio.  Despite living in New Haven, one or both of Eliza’s parents have attended each of her meetings faithfully. They are passionate advocates for Eliza’s future, and have worked closely with DDS, visiting numerous programs, to find one that matches her talents and interests after graduation.

They have supported the classroom and Oak Hill School through their contributions of time, communication, and dedication. They are always available to talk, and stay in close contact with the school, keeping Oak Hill staff informed and coordinating meetings between multiple agencies. Meg and Mary are strong advocates.  They are loving and caring parents, as well as patient, kind, and great listeners.